Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alcohol, Bad for the Brain, Bad for Everything

We all know alcohol is bad for you, that is a given. We also know that alcohol can damage your relationships with other people in your life as well as your relationships with even animals or children. Drinking alcohol is what makes someone do some crazy things, be it crashing a vehicle, or streaking naked in the middle of a parking lot. It will make you tell the truth, for it is the ultimate truth serum in a liquid form, but over all it will cause you to lose your job, your vehicle, and even your family. Drinking is not worth it in the long run.

Everyone tries it, some can tolerate it more than others, but we still try it because we want to and because we not only think we can handle it, but it will put us in a whole new social group. It will give us something to talk about with new people, and we will be accepted within newer social circles by drinking. People look down upon others if one goes to a party or get together and does not at least have one drink. Sure, you are the driver, but thats the only credible excuse there is. All others are not accepted nor allowed.

When one drinks, they will get caught eventually. The bills will have to be paid, and the credit card statement will say you bought something at a store and then you'll have no choice but to explain yourself. That is when the lying comes into play, then during that time period you are basically in the doghouse permanently. All in all, drinking is bad and it is your own personal dungeon and it is up to you how you will escape. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings only help so much, it is the withdrawals that will get to you over time. If you can channel it into a positive direction and start drinking tea instead of alcohol or soda instead of soda with alcohol you will be fine. All it boils down to is willpower, and if you can harness it, then you are good to go. Drinking is better used sparingly, and I, along with most other people, hope it remains that way.