Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There are far too many exercise products out!

Just like the headline above, way too many exercise machines out on the market. They're all the same as well. Think about it, you have the new Tower 200, that you put on a door frame and it is a bunch of cables and resistance bands that you use to generate muscular strength. But then, pay attention some more, now there is the X-Factor, that you can use for the same exact thing, and it comes with a How To DVD just like the Tower 200. And they're both the same price of $14.95 for a 30-day trial. I mean what is the difference? Well, Randy Couture is the spokesman for one of them, that's the only difference I see.

The T-Core ab cruncher came out recently, you put it on your lap and crunch down on it. Than, the Perfect Sit Up comes out and is the follow up to the Perfect Push Up line of products. To me, they work out the same muscles in the abdomen, so what is the difference? One you put on your lap, the other you put on the ground and put your back on it. Both available for the same price, and come with a How To DVD once again.

Tons of products are coming out now, with DVD's on how to use them, and also with a dietary guide to point you in the right direction for full health. Why are there so many products that are the same? They all work out the same muscles in the body, they're just disguised by different spokespeople and a different name. I choose to stick with more natural movements, however.

Nothing like natural Push ups and natural bicep curls. One who buys all these new products at once or at the same time has self confidence issues as far as I'm concerned. I mean products like the Ab Circle Pro, and the Elisabeth Hasselbeck Pro Form, are the same exact product. Just go out and get a floor mat and do regular crunches. I do not care what the so called "experts" say, but they're wrong, natural movements are the key to success. With that I will leave now, just needed to vent. I watch infomercials late at night and all the products are exactly the same and all I have to say is that I'm staying away and doing it all naturally from now on.