Monday, December 27, 2010

Dating websites, A Fraudulent Ploy to Gain Trust

Websites like eHarmony and are just websites created for business purposes to make a quick buck for the company representing them and to give the customer hope that there is a possibility of something amazing happening.

The person puts up his or her credit card information and then their personal information, and plans on being billed monthly or signs up for the six month plan. The company will give you a good deal for the holiday season or whatnot, and than you'll figure since you're saving quite a bit of money why not pay for a monthly package. It is all a ruse set up by not only the credit card companies themselves, but by the companies representing the top dating websites.

It is all a fradulent ploy to gain trust on the part of the customer, and then once we pay, the cancellation services are far too difficult to go through with, that they sucker us in and keep us there whether we are satisfied or not. This is why the free dating websites, the ones that do not require a credit card, like OKcupid and Plentyoffish, are the ones that come with all the success and the top success rate at that.

Look at the advertisements for; do you see the fact that it is all the "beautiful people" in the advertisements. All the good looking men and women getting together at a bar or whatnot. What about the average looking people, it almost seems unrealistic the more the beautiful people are on the advertisements simply because since they're so good looking, they could go out to a bar or club and find love, they don't need to use the internet. Smart people see through this and know it is all a marketing ploy.

Coming from experience on this end, stick with the free websites and do not give out your credit card information ever. Stay the course, and be patient and you'll be alright. There is plenty of fish in the sea, remember that! Do not give in to the marketing hijinx. Stay the course!

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