Friday, October 22, 2010

Athletes, Actors, Overpaid and Greedy!

The tone of this rant will seem heated but then again most of what I write is opinion based so why stop now? Athletes and actors and actresses are very greedy people. Do not get me wrong, acting is hard work, I have done my fair share of voluntary acting in the past and I needed the script by me at all times. It does take up time and the actors do earn their money, but no job in the world is worth millions upon millions of dollars for one good six months work. Athletes on the other hand, are even more overpaid and all they do is depending on the sport, score a goal or bat a run in. Sports are fun to watch and root for while watching, but when it comes to monetary gain, the athletes and coaches themselves do not deserve the money they're paid. Anyone could walk over to a basketball hoop and drop a basketball into it, anyone can grab a baseball bat and hit a fastball down the middle of the plate. The general public might not be able to do it as well, but how does performing those skills at a high level deserve to become more appreciated over what a lawyer does or what a doctor does, or even a construction worker that builds the homes we live in and the shopping mall our grocery stores are in? I can tell you that it does not deserve to be appreciated more. A soft spot in my heart is teaching and I think teaching young kids is the most rewarding career there is out there, and they do not get paid that much and they should, and to me they deserve to be overpaid and highly paid at that. It just makes me sick that the general public is to be blamed for athletes and actors over inflated salaries, when it is the agents and the leagues that type up the contracts and make it attractive enough for the person to sign their name on the dotted line. Do not blame the general public, we are the teachers, we are the construction workers and the doctors and lawyers who entertain ourselves by watching these same athletes and actors on the television. But put them on the same level as us, do not make them invincible and above our logic. Make it fair and we will respect them more. Sure we watch them but that does not mean anything, for it could be because there is nothing else on the television. If you make it fair we will not feel this way and guys like me will not be writing about it. Take that into consideration agents and leagues. Make it fair and we will respect them more.

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