Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Textbooks, Check! Tuition, No Comment!

Has anyone noticed how the school systems work nowadays? Preferably college. They give you a choice, either you pay your tuition which can be a semester by semester basis, or it can be annually like at a university. You either shell out the thousands per year plus room and board if you reside in a dorm, or you can pay hundreds per unit at a small community college. But what they do not tell you, is that textbooks are not included along with your tuition. Textbooks are actually supplied by an entirely different company altogether, one who is just as selfish as the colleges are. Not only are the prices for the textbooks substantial, but be it used or new, most of them come out to the same price anyway, not including tax, and if you decided to not buy it directly from the supplier of the college, you can go on the internet and find them even more expensive there. So either way, its a crapshoot finding a textbook at a decent price anywhere. I do not know where this world is going, but lately, even when it comes to education, scam artists you must be weary of. The whole textbook debacle is a scam because they know that when your back is against the wall, you, the student, will end up paying their prices without negotiation because once the class starts you're going to need their product to get a passing grade in class. One of two things can happen here, one is that colleges can lower their tuiton, and in this economy that will mean they're losing money. Or two the textbook suppliers themselves can either disappear altogether or give the colleges a discount and have the colleges supply a certain amount of their textbooks for every subject on the library shelves and make them available to the students of the school. I think the latter is a fabulous solution, but since the corporate world is nothing but money hungry nowadays that might be a tad bit difficult to muster up. Either way it is very messed up and they should be ashamed of themselves. The college tuition I can deal with, but the textbook companies have a lot to be scared about because the public will catch on eventually and they'll lose their business and by then they'll have to realize, that the only solution is to decrease. Then and only then will it change my opinion of them. From now on I'm renting.....I suggest you do the same.

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