Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Poetry; Two verses

Winding Down
Sitting here, statuesque figure
plush blackened interior reclining
breeze billowing amongst the outward
children playing, laughing, excitement.
Fancy automobiles stationary,
Bell ringing, reminding one to get ready
Sitting here, statuesque figure
winding down,
just winding down.

Lift It Up
Pulsating muscles, flexible body tones.
Maneuvering vivaciously down and up,
Breathing softly then transforming into the green Hulk
Lungs going wild with rapid breaths.
Holding steady as long as one can,
the muscles exploding as if to give up.
Pushing oneself, focusing on the goal.
One more rep is all it would take to succeed
Muscles explode in two, unable to proceed to last stage.
Head sinks in shame, next time you will complete.

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